Ocean Light II Cancellation & Refund Policies

Ocean Light II Adventures (the company) operates in a unique industry with a short season and high annual operating expenditures. Because non-refundable expenses for an individual trip occur several months prior to the trip start and there is limited ability to fill spaces on short notice, full refunds are rarely possible and should not be expected.

There are two categories of cancellations:

  1. Cancellation of a trip by the company due to circumstances within reasonable control of Ocean Light II Adventures such as, but not limited to, mechanical failure, damage to the vessel or insufficient bookings. In this instance, all money received by the participant will be refunded. Any additional expenses incurred due to the cancellation will be the responsibility of the participant.
  2. Cancellation of a trip due to circumstances beyond reasonable control of the company such as, but not limited to, the participant’s decision to cancel, Federal, Provincial and Territorial travel restrictions, Park closures, extreme weather and geological events, labour disputes, or failure by suppliers. Any additional expenses incurred due to the cancellation will be the responsibility of the participant. In this instance, refunds will be dispersed in the following way:
      • 365 to 120 days prior to trip departure:     Full refund of deposit less a $400 administration fee
      • 119 to 90 days prior to trip departure:       50% refund of full payment
      • 89 to 60 days prior to trip departure:         25% refund of full payment
      • 59 days or less prior to trip departure:       No refund

If a participant decides to cancel after their full payment, they may receive a full refund less a $400 administration fee if they or Ocean Light II Adventures can find a suitable replacement to take their spot on the trip.

The date of cancellation is the date Ocean Light II Adventures receives your written notice of cancellation.

Additional expenses are the full responsibility of the participant. Any losses experienced as a result of incorrect travel planning or not securing adequate insurance will also be the full responsibility of the participant.

We highly recommend that you speak with a travel insurance agent to obtain comprehensive insurance coverage including without limitation, medical, trip cancellation & interruption, emergency evacuation, accident and baggage insurance. It is the responsibility of the participant to secure insurance that safeguards them for all the eventualities that can occur on their trip with Ocean Light II Adventures.