The Ocean Light II has been in a heated shed since early December and is getting a major facelift!!! It has been a huge project which is nearing completion. Everything- both masts, all rigging, rails, window trims, and hardware had to be taken off the boat to prepare for the sanding and painting. The hull is complete now, with 3 coats of primer and 3 coats of top coat paint looking incredibly shiny! The deck final coats were sprayed yesterday and look amazing. Starting next week, Chris, myself and a friend will move aboard to begin putting it all back together. We need to finish the woodwork, paint the non-skid deck panels and then re-caulk everything that we took off months ago. Here are some photos of the project to date. The Ocean Light II is 48 years old now but looks brand new!!! Stay tuned for the final photo once Ocean Light II is re-rigged and ready for the 2019 season.